About Us

Hargrove & Associates, Inc. (HAI) is an information management leader that specializes in creating, developing, and operating managed data exchanges for professional trade groups.

We provide exclusive marketplace information for industry stakeholders to plan, benchmark, and grow their businesses. 


What We Do

We consult with trade groups to design, build, and operate high-value data exchanges and information systems. For over 30 years, we have helped companies, manufacturers, and trade associations make better business decisions backed by meaningful data. 


Who We Serve

We work directly with associations and their members to compile and publish key industry benchmarks that hundreds of the world’s leading companies use every day to plan and manage their businesses.



Working Together

When it comes to member market data needs, no one size fits all. Our extensive experience delivering custom data modeling and reporting solutions helps turn industry data into action. Members get actionable intelligence, while associations get deeper engagement – a true win-win.