Hargrove & Associates, Inc.

Hargrove & Associates, Inc. (HAI) delivers data exchange services worldwide to leading industries and trade associations. Since 1985, we have worked directly with companies to compile and publish key metrics and benchmarks. Our clients use this data every day to plan and manage their business.


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About us

The Data Exchange Experts

We specialize in creating, developing, and operating managed data exchanges for professional trade groups. As a leader in information management, we provide exclusive marketplace information for industry stakeholders to plan, benchmark, and grow their businesses.

Working Together

Sharing knowledge while reducing risk

Associations play a unique role in collecting, anonymizing, and distributing data for their members​. A robust market data exchange is the most valuable and unique offering an association can make to its members.

Trade associations have exclusive knowledge that no outside entity can produce, and critical legal protections to share it responsibly. This exclusive combined intelligence can serve as the go-to source of truth for your industry.

Market data programs deliver member engagement and retention benefits that few other services can match. We can help you achieve a vision of direct integration with your members’ daily operations.

Services customized for you

Partners for your industry and collective success

Association Data Exchange Design Consulting

Starting a new data program or assessing an existing program can be difficult. With over three decades of expertise, we can help get you where you want to be.

Custom Association Systems Development

We design and build scalable solutions to fit the needs of your biggest members, your smallest members, and every member in between. There is no limit to what we can build for you.

Managed Association Data Exchange Hosting and Services

When it comes to handling their most critical secrets, your members demand confidentiality, security, accuracy, and support. Our industry-standard audited security systems and processes deliver all that and more, inspiring confidence and trust.

Value-Added Member Services

Our custom data modeling and reporting solutions can help members get right-sized, actionable intelligence, while associations get deeper engagement — a true win-win.